Preface - Our Story -


†††††† This is the greatest story ever told.

†††††† We can say that because our story is about the greatest day ever.

†††††† If you flip your TV to any channel, they will tell you thatís what today is.And itís true.Today is, of course, January 1.One Day In Peace. Day One.The first day the planet decided to truly work together.

†††††† Like us, youíve just witnessed what can safely be called the most amazing New Yearís Eve ever!

†††††† For the past twenty-four hours weíve seen the unique New Yearís celebrations of every culture in every time zone.For the first time in all of recorded history there have been almost no major acts of violence reported over a twenty-four hour period.Humanity has, pretty much, successfully celebrated its very first day of peace, ever.

†††††† And what an amazing year it's been. The planet observed its first Global Ceasefire on the International Day of Peace this past September 21. And now this new beginning for peace. All this only a few short years into the Post-September-Eleventh Era. Wow! Congratulations to us all!

†††††† Now, the stories youíll hear on your TV set are mostly true.Youíll see smug corporate sponsors patting themselves on the back, gloating Heads of State and world-renowned peace activists describing how they were really responsible for inspiring the world to achieve a global day of peace.

†††††† And they did play a big role, thatís absolutely true.

†††††† But itís not the whole story.

†††††† We wanted to bring you the WHOLE story and the story behind the story.

†††††† Telling this adventure-tale is easy; weíre just telling it as it happened.But in order to give you the complete picture, our story will be shared from a dozen perspectives -- give or take a few.††

†††††† And each chapter will be told by one of us.

†††††† Except this one, of course.This preface is narrated by two of us.

†††††† Iím Melissa Taylor.I was fourteen when the story youíre about to hear started.Iím fifteen now.

†††††† And Iím Jimmy Abdul Gandhi Geronimo Rogers.I was also fourteen when this tale began just about a year ago today.†† Iím a month and a half younger than Melissa.†† But I like older women.

†††††† Jimmy...

†††††† Sorry, Mel.

†††††† Uh huh.We want to point out to you, dear Reader, that although the two of us are teenagers, this story is by no means meant only for our peers.

†††††† Exactly.Itís a story for everyone, which is precisely why itíll be told from a number of perspectives, both young and old.

†††††† In this new world that weíre creating together, itís important for all of us to see how different...

†††††† And how similar our perspectives are to each other. That ability alone will be an amazing achievement.

†††††† Thatís exactly what happened to the world this past year to make this story possible.People actually began to listen to and understand each other.

†††††† Weíve drawn straws, and Melissa gets to go first.

†††††† Lucky me!Uh, sorry.Well, thank you for this honor.

†††††† But Iíve drawn the straw for the last word.

†††††† Quite appropriate, Jimmy.You always get to have the last word, donít you....Well, anyway, without further ado, hereís our story: yours, mine...

†††††† And everyoneís!

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A Novel about creating humanity's first day of peace
Robert Alan Silverstein

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