Chapter 14: Too Much Excitement to be Peaceful
by Melissa Taylor

†††††† Itís definitely not easy to tell a story from all of these different points of view!There were quite a few places where I would have liked to have shared my two cents, but I didnít want to interrupt.Like when Dad first came to lobby the United Nations, and how glad Henry and I were to see him.And how happy we were to see how he and Mom were getting along.And how disappointed we were when we were hanging out with him when that Jesse-lady called -- on more than one occasion.And then he had to fly off to Costa Rica, just when things finally seemed to be getting close to heating up between Dad and Mom, and how thrilled Henry and I were to see him and talk to him on the Webcam as we reported on the progress of our Kindness Kids Network and BetterWorld Clubs outreach every day, and how thrilled we were when he was back on the east coast just a few weeks later.

†††††† But Iím trying to keep the peace, and even though it seems like my turn in the storytelling has been skipped, I havenít said anything.Except I canít keep it in anymore.This next part of the story was just too exciting and upsetting, and well... where do I start?

†††††† Henry and I were with Daddy in New York during that second visit, and we had the whole beautiful spring day to spend together visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and then in the evening Mom was going to meet us for dinner and we were all going to see a Broadway show. Well, Dad had a little mini-meeting in the middle of the day and he dropped us off at his friend Wei-Lingís office downtown.He asked Wei-Ling to bring us to the restaurant in an hour, because it was a really short meeting.

†††††† An hour later weíre walking down Fifth Avenue towards the restaurant and up ahead we saw Daddy walking with two men; he didnít look very happy.Then a car door opened up and they pushed him in and the car sped away, while we were yelling, ďDaddy! Daddy!Ē

†††††† Wei-Ling rushed us back to her office, and she quickly called Jimmy Rogers (the guy Daddy always says is the brains behind the peace operation) on the West Coast.That evening they were all at our house -- Maya, Uncle Merle, that lady Jesse, and Jimmy Rogers -- who it turns out is my age!

†††††† I guess I left out a few parts of the story that would shed some light on why everyone was especially upset.A few weeks before, A few weeks before, Maria Lopez, the Kindness Kids coordinator in Argentina, discovered that someone had broken into their database. Henry, who's the Kindness Kids Network webmaster, checked the site and found a worm had been implanted on the entire network of websites, which was monitoring all their visitors. Turns out my BetterWorld Clubs website, the BetterWorld Movement and ONE DAY IN PEACE websites all had the same thing happening, too! They also discovered the phones were tapped!†† To make things even worse, Daddy and Maya and Uncle Merle began to suspect that they were being watched whenever they made any appearances at conferences or meetings.

†††††† So, when Daddy was kidnapped, it was sort of a major red alert, because theyíd all been worrying that something like that would happen, although they didnít believe it ever could.We were all pretty upset, as you can imagine, but didnít know what to do about it.Who had kidnapped Daddy?Uncle Merle was sure it was the CIA or the FBI.Jimmy thought it was a terrorist group, and Maya thought it was a corporate cartel -- lots of people seemed to be getting upset about our growing peace campaign.For some reason lots of people seemed to think that Ďpeaceí was a dangerous idea. I donít know what Jesse thought, but then I really didnít care.And I was really upset that she seemed to be so upset.Mom didnít like it at all either.I could tell she was jealous, and that made me feel a little better. We waited for hours, but no one called about a ransom or anything like that.Then, just as Mom had called the police and had been told that we had to wait 24 hours before they would do anything, Dad walked in through the back door into the kitchen.What a reception he got!

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