Chapter 16: Not Always According to Our Plans
by Maya Amaru GrandVisions

       I was sitting there, listening and feeling the interactive dynamics of our little group, when I suddenly realized that as I “gazed” at each of my friends, I wasn’t just sensing their emotions, I was actually seeing my friends!

       Actually, it wasn’t that much of a surprise.  I had almost anticipated that this would happen.  When I awoke that morning, I sensed a change in myself.  I felt the child alive, growing in my womb and I knew that my fate had been changed -- the blessing and the curse had truly and miraculously been broken.

       Was I happy or was I sad to see my destiny dissolve before my eyes?  Actually, neither.  It is true that I never wanted to be a messiah, although I always wished to help usher in a new era of compassion.  But I have long felt with all my heart that this was of an old paradigm -- the wish for a savior to come and save us all from ourselves.   I knew that in the paradigm to come, it would be we, together, who would save ourselves by helping each other to transform into the people we were really meant to be.

       With a deep joy, I shared with my friends how my destiny had been altered.  They were naturally surpised at my news, considering, at my age, it truly was a miracle. They were so happy to hear about my Johnny Tang, the Peace Corps worker I had met in Peru, only a few short weeks ago.  They marveled with me at the mysterious hands of fate that had led him to leave his comfortable tenured teaching position at the University of Minnesota and join the Peace Corps.  Something had stirred in him, calling him to leave all that he’d known, to meet his fate, just as his father had left Australia a generation ago to meet his mother on the other side of the world, and his father’s father, who left China to meet his mother in Australia, and so on, for generation upon generation. 

       “Imagine all the chance encounters that took place, going back thousands of years, each owing its existence to the last, that have brought us here to this instant in time,” I whispered to my friends as I closed my eyes and felt the amazing mystery and wonder of life envelop my circle of friends and the unborn child within me in a warm glow of hope.  “Imagine what is yet to come,” I sighed, and we were all smiling as we did just that.

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