Chapter 29. What Now? 
By Jimmy Abdul Gandhi Geronimo Rogers


        I wish I could tell you that in just that one short year the world was able to go from a competitive, cutthroat, profit-above-all-else runaway train, to a “let’s create a better world” focus with an expanded economic pie that allows everyone to get a fair share doing things that help the planet and each other. 

       Obviously it was profitable selling T-shirts and book bags and creating all the hoopla that promoted the global day of peace we succeeded in bringing, but that’s not going to be sustainable, or desirable.  And yet, it’s a start.  For the first time we joined together as a planet to achieve something.  We thought about a better world, and saw that it IS possible if we work together, and AIM to make it happen.  And subtle transformations happened. 

       Corporations saw that they could be profitable doing good for the planet and ALL people.  Share-holders saw the profitability in it, too, and put pressure on governments to make corporations more responsible, and to help change some of the rules and regulations so that bottom-line profit is no longer the guiding force that causes them to slash workforces and decrease safety for increased profits for a select few.  Because of this campaign, the competition for investment dollars has shifted towards which corporations can do the most good. Corporations may be here to stay, but they’re becoming a lot more humane, because people realized how they’d become a runaway train dragging everyone along.  People realized that corporations are made up of people, and if people decide to change them, they can help steer globalization in the right direction. 

       Our story may not be ending “happily ever after,” but we’re getting there ONE DAY at a time. 

       But hey, I am FINALLY having a growth spurt, and Mel has agreed to go to the movies with me on Saturday, so I think it's safe to say this story really does have a happily ever after ending after all!

       Uh, oh. Everyone's rolling their eyes. Time to wrap it up.

       Anyway, from all of us to ... all of us ... May Peace Prevail On Earth ... like it did today with One Day In Peace.

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