Chapter 8: Cycles & Illusions
by Maya Amaru GrandVisions

       The Mayans have two calendars.  The first is a 52-year cycle which runs its course and ends as a new cycle begins.  There are 52 of these cycles in the “Long Count.”  The year 2012 was the 52nd year of the 52nd cycle and the end of my people’s calendar.  It had long been prophesied that when the calendar ends there will be an end to all as it is, and a new beginning for all.

       I was born on the first day of the last cycle in the Mayan calendar.  My mother was the Keeper of the Traditions of all peoples.  In her veins it is said flowed the blood of every race and every nation. This honor and responsibility has been handed down since the beginning of the Long Count from mother to daughter.  When I was born, it was prophesied that I would lead all peoples to a new time of peace and harmony, for only I would be able to see the reality that exists beyond Illusion.   My child, it was foretold, would be the birth of a new age.

       When I awakened on my thirteenth birthday, miraculously and strangely I found that I could no longer see.  I was told this was all part of my destiny, for without sight I would be able to attune myself to see what others could not.  Although I was just a child, all my life I had been trained by great elders for the role I was prophesied to lead. The loss of my sight seemed only a natural progression of that path that I’d been on.

       Indeed, in the years that followed, my blindness made the intensified teachings easier to grasp, understand and perfect, so that it wasn’t long before I could “see” the world so much more clearly than I ever could when my eyes had sight.  Still, my teachings continued.

       As you can imagine it was not easy living all those years in the shadow of such grand responsibility.  Many times during my life, I have turned my back on prophecy and tried to live a simple life.  I was even married once, and tried to have a child, thinking that it would break the blessing and curse of my fate.  But my womb remained barren.  No matter how far I strayed, I always returned to accept my fate.  

       But when the year 2012 passed and nothing seemed to have changed at all, I turned away once again, resolved that it would be forever this time. I must admit that I had been rather content living quietly lately away from my fate as a simple guide, helping others to discover ancient relics and rediscover truths within their hearts.  But then something began burning inside, and it drove me to travel down the great rivers of the Americas to Ecuador.  I wasn’t surprised that the waters led me to Arthur.  We had been part of a noble campaign together, years earlier, and we both knew at that time we would meet once again to finish what we’d begun.  I almost expected Merle to be there as well, but I knew our paths would cross soon enough.

       Fate is a mysterious puzzle.  It isn’t always obvious what her plan is when she brings people into our lives.  But the moment I met the man-boy Jimmy and the young woman Jesse, I knew without a doubt that we were meant to be together and would share great, new adventures.  Arthur felt it too, that moment he turned and faced them.

       There’s always been a deep emptiness that aches in Arthur.  When last we’d parted, I had hoped that the bond he shared with Samantha would be enough to fulfill that longing, and I knew that it could in time, if he’d only see that it was true.  Their love was a beautifully blinding light.  But I knew, too, that hearts need time to find their way through all of the illusions, and so I wasn’t surprised when I found him this time without Samantha.

       I was also not surprised when I sensed sparks flying when he first met Jesse.  After all, she had saved his life, and she was beautiful.  But most importantly, her shell was just starting to crack, allowing one to see just a hint of the brilliance within.  There’s something so inviting to a caring heart when they find someone at this stage in their self-discovery.  A feeling that a rare and precious gem will emerge with the right nurturing touch.  “Thank you for saving my life,” Arthur was saying as his own heart sensed that hers needed to be saved.

       Indeed as we exchanged pleasantries and formalities, I could sense Jesse’s shell cracking wider.  “I heard what you were saying about needing funding to re-secure the Injawabi lands,” Jesse said as that inner light spilled out all around us.  “Perhaps we can help?” she volunteered, or rather inquired of the man-boy.

       “Why certainly, Jess.  That would be a wonderful idea!”  He was beaming and proud, although he quickly noticed the way Arthur and Jesse were looking at each other.

       “Arthur, bring Jesse inside so that she can dry off and freshen up,” I suggested.  “It’s been a long day for all of us.  Jimmy and I will speak to the elders and tell them that Miss Gold’s generosity will be rescuing their lands, and we will feast in celebration.”

       Jimmy mildly protested, but, sighing, he walked with me and we quickly found ourselves discussing what the immediate and long-term plans of our new little group would be.

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