Chapter 12: Inspiring a better world
by Peace Dude

  Angel was an amazing inspiration for me. I knew the moment I met her that she would be a great asset, but I never anticipated how she would make everything flow so smoothly. The moment we landed at the University for Peace, she sprang to life. She saw exactly what needed to be done and exactly the best way to do it.

At our first meeting with members of the Board at the University for Peace she told them how this would be the perfect place to have a Peace On Earth Arts Center that would help nurture artists to create visions of a better world, which would help disperse the dream many-fold. Each artist's vision of a more peaceful world had the potential to inspire millions and millions to believe that we can create such a world in reality, if we only believed.

Her charismatic charm was irresistible. The Board members agreed to convene a full Board Meeting and she proceeded to wow their socks off as well! The clincher was when she suggested that we would pay to create permanent dormitories for the students at UPaz as well as fund all of the materials for their courses. The Board unanimously agreed to work with our BetterWorld Project to set up a Peace On Earth Arts Center at the University.

While construction was underway, we set out interviewing the teachers. We solicited the top experts in each of the art fields -- the best writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and scriptwriters. We also set up a global contest for students to submit proposals to create books, movies, plays, musical albums or TV scripts with the theme of The Better World Movement. We offered a six month scholarship at the University for Peace, with a guarantee to help the artist get their work out in the world and get paid to create works of peace.

We got the word out to college campuses and through networks of activists and asked them to let their members know about this unique opportunity. Within a month we had flown in the one hundred student winners from all over the world, and made over a thousand grants to others whod share through an online workshop forum.

It was amazing how this multi-national group developed into a real community. They ate together, talked and laughed and dreamed. They shared their ideas and nurtured each other. Some worked alone; some formed teams. They worked in different media and had very different visions, but they were all filled with passion and started to really believe that we would change the world.

Once it got going, word started to spread and wed have an occasional celebrity stop by and share their expertise. More often than not, the celebrity would become inspired by the creative energy for peace that was all around them.

I cant describe how thrilling it was for me to be part of this creative energy and to know that I had Angel to thank for helping this all come to be. Her passion and drive inspired me, and helped me to be closer to the person I wanted to be inside. I found myself full of ideas -- I used to be a writer, a long time ago -- I suddenly found I could create again, and for the first time in so long, I felt almost complete.

I mean, I really believed I was Mr Positivity before, but it was from afar, and it was with the crutch of needing to be removed from the world in order to feel positive about it. But now, I was an active part of a vibrant community, and I felt alive for the first time. I felt like Angel had introduced me to myself. In a way she saved my life.

I was still trying to figure out the complex feelings I had about her, and had no clue about how she felt about me. But I knew we shared a deep friendship and I was perfectly content with that.

It was the on the 50th day since wed met that another amazing woman resurfaced into my life. We had arranged a special conference of indigenous elders from around the world, and who should turn up but my dear friend, Maya Amaru GrandVisions.

When I heard about what Maya and Artie had been doing, I cried for joy. She promised that she and Artie, too, would work closely with us, now that wed reconnected. I felt as if my life had come full circle. Only things were even better now. I knew for certain that the angels were all around us, guiding us closer and closer to a world of peace.

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