10. Please Tell Me...
Was I Dreaming?

"Stay out of closed spaces," he shrugged gruffly.

"That's all it means?" I begged. Surely the dream meant something more.

"Sexual tension, disappointed expectations, longings for a better world ... it was just a dream," he assured me.

"But it felt so real," I insisted.

"Trust me!" he growled.

I didn't like his attitude. So I got up off the couch and walked across his office to the door. I opened it, and when I looked back, he wasn't there. But I knew that of course. That's the way things were now. Now that I Knew.

But what did I know?

And now what? What indeed. Where does one go after such a revelation? And yet no revelation had really been revealed at all. Had it?

I wandered aimlessly through my day, trying to get back to someplace where I belonged. I longed to return to that place I'd seen where life seemed real. The world was cold and harsh and the moments ticked on endlessly, but nothing seemed real. And the days dragged on endlessly.

Each time I closed my eyes to sleep I prayed to awaken in that dream where I was real and life was forever and there was true peace on earth. I closed my eyes and tried to picture it once again.


©: 1992-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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