11. Is This For Real?

I put the book down in confusion.

Is this going anywhere? For a moment, I thought this story was going to bring me the truth and understanding I've been searching for. I really did. It seemed like there was some important message hiding in the craziness of each chapter. Something that almost helped make sense out of all the madness in this world. Something that gave me hope that a peacetopia might really exist somewhere, somehow, someday. Now I'm not sure about utopian dreams.

The guy could just be crazy, spinning himself into a tangled web of insanity without any point or direction. Should I read on? Will he draw me into his madness, and will I find that I've become lost in its incoherence?

I wonder.

The truth is, I want to be free so badly, and only those elusive Answers that keep haunting me in my moments of longing will set me free. I'm tired of this reality I'm stuck in. I want to find a better world, a new reality where we are all free, and we live in peace and harmony and everything works out for everyone, and life and love are forever. I keep hoping I'll find it in a book. I keep wishing I'd see it in a dream. I just know that if I can ever find a vision of peace on earth so clear that I can taste it, this illusion of life would fade away and my reality would change forever.

To find that New Reality I seek, I guess I must walk through the depths of insanity, plunge into the maddening fantasy of imagination. I must read on and hope. Please, reveal the Truth to me.



©: 1992-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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