6. Walborks!


The next few days were quite uneventful, and except for the sound of Mika's flute as they walked along, the woods were silent. But one dark moonless night Prin shook Mika awake.

"What is it..." he began. The he saw dozens of glowing eyes in the trees around them. The Walborks! He shivered and Prin huddled her furry body around him. Prin took a deep breath and growled the Treem Dog warning. The creatures stopped for only a second, sniffed the air, and the eyes crept closer. They knew she didn't have her Collar. Taking another deep breath, Prin let out a high pitched sound that Mika couldn't really hear, but it made him stiffen with hope.

The creatures came closer and closer, when suddenly the woods were filled with lights. Screeching, the Walborks scattered in every direction.

And then the road was filled with men sitting atop an army of fluffy white dogs. "Prin!!!" the Leader called out as he climbed down and ran towards our frightened travelers.

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by Robert Alan Silverstein
Avstar Publishing (2013)
ISBN-13: 978-1492114291
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