4. Clarisse


An eternity seemed to pass by when Mika finally opened his eyes and found himself lying on hot, white sand. "Now I am lost forever. My quest is finished!" he moaned. But after looking around he noticed a path that led through the thick brush that grew up to the sandy beach. Hope sparked inside him. "Perhaps I shall find someone who can put me back on my way."

Mika walked and walked through the thick green woods, which were broken only by the narrow path. And in all that time he heard not a sound. It was then, quite a comfort when he heard a soft, sweet song up ahead.

There on one of the lower branches was a tiny blue bird, her head buried in her wings. And she chirped the saddest song Mika had ever heard. "Don't be sad, little bird," Mika said finally, with tears in his eyes.

The bird stopped her song and peered cautiously down at the Traveler. "But I am lost and so far away from home!"

"So am I," Mika said walking closer. "We can be friends, and travel together until we find our own ways."

The bird was quiet a moment, thinking. "All right," she decided with a chirp. "My name is Clarisse," she piped, landing on Mika's shoulder.

The days that followed were pleasant ones for Mika. He and Clarisse sang the prettiest melodies together, and not once did Mika hear that beautiful, but very sad song. Then one day, as they were walking down the seemingly endless path, a giant ball of white fur rolled out of the woods and knocked Mika off his feet.


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by Robert Alan Silverstein
Avstar Publishing (2013)
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