7. The King of Treem


"Your Majesty! Oh Your Majesty!" They hugged, and the King of Treem told Prin the Princess was fine, but she missed her Dog so.

"This is Mika from Algor," she said happily with tear-filled eyes. "He's looking for Gumba the Wise."

The King of Treem shook Mika's hand and nodded his head. "Yes, Gumba the Wise. You must be on a terribly important mission. You are on the right path, but you have a long way to go."

Mika's eyes lit up. He was going the right way after all! He still had his Quest!

"Would you like to come to the Land of Treem, my son?" the King asked. "You will be our honored guest. There will be feasts and a celebration...It's only a day's ride from here."

"Sir, if you don't mind, now that I know I am headed the right way, I am eager to be on my Quest."

"Of course. But you are always welcome in the Land of Treem."

Prin whispered into the King's ear. "Yes, we have it," he answered. And he called for one of his men who handed something to Prin. She bounced over to Mika and held it out to him.

"This is my Collar. If you'll wear it as a belt, it will keep the Walborks and any other evil in the Great Woods away. And then they hugged for so long Mika could hardly breathe. Laughing, the two teary-eyed friends said goodbye.

The King handed Mika a small flask. "This will give you energy, and will rest your body, so that you won't have to stop and sleep for many days."

"Oh, thank you," your Majesty," Mika said, and feeling quite tired, he took a swallow. Instantly he felt wide awake. And then the King handed him a traveler's pack that made him remember the one his mother had prepared, which was lost on the ocean. Then they each went their own separate ways, leaving Mika once again quite alone.


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