2. The Journey Begins


Mika stood on the docks looking out to sea. How many times before had he stood on the shore, painting this very landscape of ships and birds and sea and sky. How often he had dreamed of all the adventures that lay out there. "My Love is waiting for me somewhere..." he said softly to himself. "And I shall find her." He sighed and turned towards the bustling pier to find a ship to take him from Algor.

"Gumba the Wise can help you to find her," a ghostly cloaked figure whispered.

"Who are you!" Mika gasped, dropping his bags.

"The Misty Maiden will take you to Gumba," the voice laughed. And then the figure disappeared in the midst of people.

Mika shivered as he picked up his bags and headed towards the ships.

"Sorry mate. No more space on board," each Captain grunted as he went up and down the pier. He could have told them he was the Royal Prince of Algor, or rather, had been the Royal Prince of Algor, but he decided to resign himself to fate. There was only one ship left. Eerily it floated just beyond the rest, like a phantom. Mika wasn't at all surprised to find that this was the Misty Maiden. And of course there was room for one more traveler. Mika hesitated for only an instant, then he stepped on board.


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by Robert Alan Silverstein
Avstar Publishing (2013)
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