4. In the beginning
there was Maya...

Once upon a time, Maya found me alone, forever lost in the Unknown. I had no beginning, and I was not planned to have an end. But Maya awoke me with a kiss.

When I opened my eyes, she was standing there above me, tenderly touching my forehead with floral lips. A tear rolled down her face as she felt my eyelids brush her cheek. She smiled and the icy prison in my soul began to melt. I was too weak and empty to move, but as her gentle hands caressed my face, I felt life flowing gently through her fingertips and pulsing in my veins.

Maya stared at me with such intensity. Her eyes burned with a strange and wonderful fire. As I watched her, I knew those eyes could not see, at least in the sense of sight that other see. And yet I knew that Maya could see much deeper things, like my soul, and my Purpose.

A million, billion questions were gurgling in me, fighting to reach my mouth. But her finger touched my lips, tenderly putting my confusion to rest. "Not now, there will be Time," an angelic voice that could only belong to her assured me, yet her lips had not moved at all.

A gentle melody of whispers was slowly enveloping me, comforting me, rocking me into a peaceful, and yet cognizant sleep of haze. Twinkling, blinking lights danced in Maya's blind eyes and sparkled in the air all around her, twirling, floating, gently spinning into angelic fairies with delicate girlish features dressed in wisps of golden light. The fairy princesses carefully lifted my fragile child's body into the air, and Maya led the way through the black void of Forever, her blind eyes staring ahead into the Unknown that only she could see. I smiled, and my heart soared free, chasing after this silent procession which had brought me to Life.


©: 1992-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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