30. The Place Inbetween

In the place Inbetween I hear the hush of whispers. They are calling to me, beckoning me, as they have before, and will again. For a moment I am afraid. The voices tempt me with promises I know they will not keep. They tell me I am not strong enough to break away from their grip. But they are pulling me from both sides -- towards a reality I fear and a wish for which I long.

But my hand is tightly clasped in Maya's hand, and she leads me through the darkness in and out of the Inbetween. We step together into the light of lives I know I have lived or have yet to dream. But each glimpse is not the same as seen with mortal eyes. For I see how life and Inbetween are joined. Underneath the day to day there is a battle waging that continues on Inbetween, before and after the cradle and the grave.

Maya holds my hand tightly as we run from one life to the next, and all around there are angels and demons, nudging and promising our hopes and longings. And we reach and we fall and we rise and we see not the underlying Plan. And the battle between good and evil, darkness and light, rages on, through time and beyond time towards the final battle that will decide humanity's evolutionary awareness.

Their whispering voices reach out to me as I journey from life to life. In the InBetween the voices thunder in laughter and in tears. But Maya leads me on, racing in and out through the darkness to the dawn and Beyond delivering me into that which is neither here nor there.

"Maya," I whisper, in that place where I look out forever on all that has ever been or will be, or has ever been wished or dreamed. But Maya is not there. I am alone in this forever moment. I am filled with a deep and total sense of awe and love for all. I am complete.

I know that this moment will pass, but my heart is no longer full of questions. I don't know whether any of what I have seen is True. Whether I will return to one of the lives I have tasted or whether I am destined to walk them all. Whether there is a battle of good and evil raging beyond our perceptions, or whether good and evil are merely our own inventions. Whether it is I who has created all the destinies I shall lead, or if there something more, yet unseen. Or whether there is nothing there at all, no Plan, no eternity, just the moment I am in.

The questions and the answers are all around me, everywhere. And yet there is only love, and in this moment all that matters is this moment.



©: 1992-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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