3. Hints of a Plan

Hazy, fog-filled memories rushed to welcome me home, filling my senses with the sweet bitter taste of recognition. "Maya," I whispered to the familiar gnarled witch, as she unrelentingly stirred the giant cauldron, twirling my Fate in an endless circle of Eternity.

Hideous and grotesque as she was, I wanted so much to hug the chilly frills of her blackened hem. I clamored forth, tripping over the mores and morays to which I'd grown accustomed, and crashing to the ground, I lay humbled in her shadow.

The Note I had harbored in pride, slipped through my fevered clutch like embarrassed jellied whispers, squirming faithfully towards the shadow that shrouded my soul. The wretched-lovely face grew closer as Maya reached down and plucked the Note like a weed that had ravaged her garden.

"Have you been to the Wizard, again?" the witch's whispering hackle heckled hesitantly, as she crumbled the prized possession I had proudly possessed.

"I...I..." I spouted in incoherent ignorance, and I stared sheepishly into the solemnly solid gaze of my grisly guardian.

"Ward...When will you Understand?!" The Witch wiped wild wicked wishes from her weathered, word-worn weapons of wisdom and threw herself back into the Rocking Chair that watched over the backporches of Reality's daydreams.

"You don't need that Wizard," Maya muttered, mercilessly murdering my mental meanderings. "Words do have Power, but that strength is a two-edged sword, and that Power is allowing your mind to imprison you in the rigid structure of reason and rationality...And I wish you'd stop Seeing me as...as a witch. Am I really that hideous to you?"

Her sharp stinging statements sent me stammering once again. "I..."

"When will you see the real Power behind the Words? Oh, Ward. You are such a child and yet you have at your command more Power than anyone has ever dreamed. Sometimes I wonder why the Stars chose you. How long will you distort us all in your madness before you Understand your Power and use it for the Plan. I honestly, well, sometimes I just wonder whether I shouldn't have left you... There."



*  *  *

Maddening monsters mockingly muddled my mind making me miss my melting madness, masking my motives, messing my most marvelous masterpiece, meanwhile moving my mistaken motivations markedly mainstream, mashing my melodious music, mixing my monotonous monologue, melancholically mapping my medicinal meanderings,



©: 1992-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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