21. Escape

"Ward," Maya continued to whisper, and her angelic voice drifted in and out of the deafening roar that filled me and shook me. And as everything crumbled down and faded into blackness, I plunged deeper and deeper into the isolation of my soul. There was nothing but the darkness. I was alone, so very much alone, but I was not afraid. The darkness caressed and comforted me. I drifted further and further inward. Then slowly I began to realize that someone was holding my hand, leading me through the darkness towards the light. It was like a whisper. Maya's whisper. My soul swam with her as she led me deeper into my Self.

As we journeyed on, I realized her whisper was filled with other voices as well. Voices I knew so well. And they whispered that I was now whom I was Meant to be. They whispered about the Plan to bring peace to all existence. The Plan that I had been chosen to lead to fulfillment.

The whispers of light bathed me in warmth, but I could not forget how I had failed, and I would not let them touch me in my shame. I let go of Maya's hand and I was lost, plunging into the darkness alone, sinking into a harsh and cold reality.



©: 1992-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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