15. Breaking the Barrier

Time ceases as I reach the surface of the water.

Maya's pleas melt into a hushed silence that fills me and calms me.

I can not see or hear or touch or feel. But I know there are angels of peace all around me. Maya has led them to me. And they are whispering songs of light that bathe me, beckon me, and my heart is full and I am strong, and slowly I am understanding once again who I Am...

But before I can See and know, I feel a tug from above. I am caught off guard. I am unprepared. I am pulled upward.

My face presses against the barrier that has protected me so far in my emerging-conscious life. It squashes my nose and lips up against the barrier so that I cannot breathe. The angelic choir has faded. The warm lights of comfort have subsided. A dull, gurgling rumble shakes through me. The hand of Death reaches through the darkness to touch me, to claim me.

The line tugs me harder from above, and my face flattens until I burst up above the surface of the water.


©: 1992-2015 Robert Alan Silverstein

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