14. Gumba the Wise


Mika saw the cave and knew at once it was Gumba's home. From within shone a light brighter than the sunlight. He walked slowly inside, blinking in the brightness. After a while he found it was easier to see, and there sat an old man. He looked to Mika to be as old as Time itself. But his eyes were crystal blue. So deep and so blue were they, that Mika was sure they could see for all eternity.

Mika could not speak. He sat before the Old Man and waited. "Welcome, Mika," Gumba finally said after what seemed like forever.

"Umm...Gumba the Wise, I have traveled far to..."

"I know why you have come," Gumba interrupted. "You say you look for Love, yet you come before me bearing gifts of the purest of loves."

And at that moment the weight of the guitar on Mika's back felt intolerably heavy. And the belt and the keys and the flute seemed to weigh him down. And whispering throughout the cave he heard his mother's words:


Mika looked down, ashamed.

"You shall find no one True Love, till you find it in your heart to love all you see." There was absolute silence for quite a while, and then Gumba spoke again.

"You have learned many lessons on your journey, most of which will not make sense until you are ready to understand. There are many more lessons to be learned. You are searching for a place to call your own, like Jeena was. There is no perfect place anywhere, yet she found one. She found her HOME, for she learned that Home is merely a state of mind, and for you to find the peace it brings, you must find Home in every place that you go." Another long silence. But this time Gumba did not speak again.

"Thank you, Gumba the Wise," Mika finally said, but the blue eyes just stared off into space.


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