Dream Rover

by Robert Alan Silverstein

I'm a wandering rover,
And I've wandered over
The valleys and hills of my dreams.
For I seek from the night,
The wisdom and light,
To teach me all that life means.

But once I was wandering
Through dreams I'd been squandering.
I was lost and cold and alone.
I wandered asunder
And wondered what blunder
Had led me so far from my home.

Just when I thought
That my soul had been caught
And would never be returned to me,
I turned and I heard
A sweet whispered word...
If I followed, I knew I'd be free.

I walked without fear,
For the words made clear
A path through the darkness deep.
And my steps were light,
As I walked through the night,
Though the path was ever so steep.

The night melted away
In a sweet dream bouquet,
As the words danced through my head.
I remember well,
How they made my heart swell,
Though I cannot recall what was said.

Now all dreams must end,
And I knew round the bend
That my dawn soon would arise.
And it dawned on me then
That the words had ceased when
I saw these mysterious eyes.

I knew it was she
Who had helped me break free
From the darkness that lay in my heart.
She stood on the horizon
As my dawn started rising,
And spoke this before we did part:

"I am Ellen O' Dale
And I've brought you this tale,
As one dreaming bard to another.
When we stumble and fall,
Remember that all
Life's Dreamers dream for each other.

The dreams that we treasure,
That give us great pleasure,
Will help other dreamers to fly."
She smiled one last time,
So sweetly sublime,
Before she whispered goodbye.

So dreamers of Light,
When you dream in the night,
And perchance a dreamer you meet...
Is it your chance to share?
Or has someone else there
Helped make your dream so sweet?



© 1996 Robert Alan Silverstein


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