Song of Love

by Robert Alan Silverstein


The Soprano pushed open her shell of light and blinked in the darkness. Her delicate body glowed in a bath of soft, mystical sounds. The joyous notes rose like a mist of melodies, and tingled the grass beneath her tiny bare feet, and whooshed through the leaves of the tress in silent whispers. Her eyes danced in the voice that marked her newly discovered power. At last she had mastered the tone of her mind.

Slowly the music drifted back and settled in her heart, but its continuing hum left her with a warm reverberating comfort. A comfort that would calm her mind in moments of confusion. A comfort that would bring her the strength and the power and the compassion to heal the wounds of loneliness in the hearts she would now touch with her gentle song. She smiled and listened to the silence of the night, and she felt complete.

It was in that moment of fullness that her heart heard the Baritone's song. It was a simple song, with a simple message. "May peace prevail on earth!" his words pleaded, and proclaimed with timeless urgency. She felt his prayer of promise drifting over the hills of compassion, and crossing the seas of desire, and filling the skies of wonder, and the words and notes rained down over her soul in tears of joy and hopeful comfort. Now her heart stirred and sang out in all of its power, "May Peace Prevail on Earth," and the two melodies blended and intertwined in passion and peace and perfection.

In that moment, she was no longer the Soprano. She was no longer a voice reaching out in the darkness. For two songs had become one in harmony, slowly crystalizing a shared vision of Peacetopia -- a time and a place of peace and joy and harmony that has always existed but has yet to be. And as her heart listened, lovingly, longingly, she sensed other voices gently joining in, complementing the duet. "May Peace Prevail on Earth," they proclaimed as one. The Sound filled her soul as a place was found for every voice that ever longed to be heard, creating a joyous symphony that flowed to a rising crescendo, overflowing with the passion of all the unsung measures of compassion that had laid dormant in all the hearts that had ever been broken, fully revealing the awe and wonder of Peacetopia.

The moment passed, but its promise of a world at peace was not forgotten. The Soprano smiled as silence once more filled the night. The hum of her heart was still aglow with fire and passion, and it warmed her soul, and it kept the flame of her vision alive and ablaze.

The dawn was breaking in rays of hope and there were whispers of song all around her. She felt her heart beating in time with the symphony of life that greeted her senses, and her eyes sparkled with the vision of her power and the promise of the passion that her heart would soon be bringing to her.

Smiling, she gathered the cloak of discretion that hung on a branch of the tree of life, and she pulled it over her golden body. The light of her song could not be hidden beneath the threads of the earth, and the melody floated around her, reaching out ahead and behind and within to announce her arrival, and to ease the suffering of the earth with the beauty of her song. She untied her steed and climbed atop, smiling as she set out on the road to Peacetopia, into the new day, leaving the glowing shell to fade in the distance.




© 1994 Robert Alan Silverstein

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May Peace Prevail On Earth