Angels For Peace

by Robert Alan Silverstein

Last night I went to sleep with tears in my eyes.
I felt the world's pain in seven billion silent cries.
Why must we be so lost,
my heart cried out in me.
Why can't we live in love,
why can't we all be free...

I drifted off slowly
to that place where my dreams dwell.
It's a place that brings me comfort,
a place I know so well.

A soft silent glow
was gently raining down,
A sweet silver song
was floating all around...
Someone was there to greet me,
an angel of pure light.
When she smiled my heart was filled
with joy and pure delight...

She held out her hand
and all I felt was love,
The light was all around me
and she brought me high above.
I felt so free and calm
as we soared through time and space,
Looking far below
I saw a wondrous place...

It was a world filled with beauty,
with love and peace and light...
And people lived in harmony,
And everything was right...
And every life had meaning,
And everyone was free,
And all for One and one for All,
For all humanity....

"What is this wondrous place
that you have shown to me?"
I asked my angel guide,
"is this heaven that will be..."

"Peacetopia is coming..."
My angel guide did say.
"The angels are everywhere,
and we will lead the way...
Peace must start with you,
you must find love in your heart.
Share your love each moment,
that's how peace will start.
And when you tell the world
how much world peace means to you,
This wish for peace will spread
and soon it will come true..."

I woke up this morning
with a smile upon my face.
I knew with all my heart
that I'd someday see that place.
I rose to face the brand new day,
with hope all born anew.
For I had seen the future
and I knew what I must do...

Love is the answer
and peace is the way,
We can all work together
and build a brand new day.
And we are not alone
in our struggle to be free...
Angels are all around us,
just open your heart and see...

All around me I can hear
the angels clearly say,
Peace on earth is coming...
peace will come to stay...

© 1996 Robert Alan Silverstein
Illustration © 1996 Ginger Nielson


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