dream each day anew...

by Robert Alan Silverstein

I lay beside the dreamer
as she lay fast asleep.
I held my arms around her.
I prayed my soul she'd keep.

I alone believed in her,
in the power that she claimed.
And though that power would not stir,
I was not ashamed.

The skies were filling up with light.
The end was coming fast.
The crashing comet woke the night
that was to be our last.

I held my breath and held her tight;
I dreamed the dream she dared.
When I felt its loving light,
I knew that we'd be spared.

She smiled at me, there in that place,
where all are joined in peace;
Where hope is seen in every face;
and greed and fear have ceased.

She held me for forever there,
in that place I'll always know.
"You must go back, this dream to share,"
she said, but I said no.

She kissed my cheek and smiled again.
I sighed and turned away.
I wished I could have stayed there then,
but I had to wake the day.

When I opened up my eyes,
the dawn was fresh and new.
But it came as no surprise,
for love makes dreams come true.

Now did I dream the world's ill fate?
Or dream it back to life?
The stars all say it's not too late.
Love can end all strife.

Oh dreamers who dream of the light,
dream the dreams you do.
The world is ending every night.
Through dreams it's born anew.


© 1996 Robert Alan Silverstein

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